Gonzaga's Emergency Notification System

ZagAlert, Gonzaga’s emergency communications system, helps to ensure the safety and security of our campus community. ZagAlert promptly notifies students, faculty and staff of an emergency involving an immediate threat to health or safety, or a situation presenting a major disruption to campus operations. Such situations could range from a pending severe snow storm, to a traffic incident impacting travel to campus, to an active shooter on campus. ZagAlert messages also offer clear directions for actions members of the Gonzaga community must take to ensure their safety.

For this system to be effective, every member of the Gonzaga community needs to sign up for the system and make sure their contact information (including mobile phone numbers and email address) is updated on a regular basis. This information will only be shared with our ZagAlert system provider. Students, faculty and staff have the ability to also enter contact information for their family members so that they too will receive emergency messages.

Visit to enroll in ZagAlert or update your profile with both a mobile phone number and an email address.

Login to ZagWeb and Update Your ZagAlert Contact Information

It only takes 2 minutes and enrolling is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  2. Enter Zagweb User ID/PIN
  3. Click on ZagAlert, enter mobile phone number and email address, click Submit.

In the case of a significant emergency or disruptive situation involving an immediate threat to health or safety, where minutes count, ZagAlert will simultaneously send voice messages to all phone numbers provided, text messages to mobile numbers provided and email messages. In addition, the system will update Gonzaga’s Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages with the message and instructions.

Not a current student, faculty or staff member at Gonzaga, but still want to receive emergency notifications?

Check out the Blackboard MyConnect app to subscribe to alerts.