Temporary Parking Pass Request Form

 Temporary Parking Permit Request Form

 This page is used for requesting temporary parking permits to park at Gonzaga University owned parking lots, which may be done by faculty or staff of the University, or by outside parties who plan to host an event on campus.  It is primarily for larger groups who will be attending certain pre-planned events on campus.

 Individual permits for shorter visits may be obtained from 4 different locations on campus during their normal operating hours: Campus Security & Public Safety (lower level of Welch Hall), the Admissions Visit Office (located just inside the front doors of College Hall), or from either library's circulation desk (the Foley Center Library or the Chastek Law Library). Temporary parking permits are not required in visitor stalls on campus, although numbered visitor parking stalls in campus parking lots may require the vehicle owner/operator to sign in at the appropriate office. Numbered visitor parking stalls are located at the College Hall parking lot, Jundt Art Museum stalls (Jundt Art Museum), the Law School lot (Law Admissions Office or Law Clinic), and PACCAR stalls (PACCAR room 211).

 We request at least one week prior to an event to process temporary parking permits, so please plan ahead! The fields below are required to be able to submit your request. CSPS will try to accommodate your request as best as possible, but we do reserve the right to refuse or change the requested parameters of the temporary parking permit if necessary. In this event, we will attempt to notify the requestor ahead of time if we need to do so.

 The following are some suggestions for populating the fields below, which may be helpful in making your request:

 Campus Area Valid:

 We generally direct large groups of visitors to campus to the larger green designated campus parking lots. These lots are easiest to find, provide the greatest availability of parking spaces, and offer the least disruption to faculty/staff (red) or residence hall (yellow) parking. The green designated campus parking lots are:  

  • "BVG" Boone/Van Gorp - At the corner of Boone and Van Gorp, West of Knights of Columbus Hall, across Boone Ave. from the Music Mansion.
  • "MC" Martin Centre - North of the Centennial trail, excluding the red east MacCarthey Center lot and the red area in the extreme NW corner of the Martin Centre lot.
  • "SCHO" Schoenberg Center - West side of Schoenberg Center, at the southernmost end of Pearl Street. 

If you need your visitors to park somewhere other than these lots, please make reference to it in the "comments" section of the request form.  

Date(s) Valid:  

It is acceptable to request temporary parking permits for more than one date depending on your event(s). For example, perhaps your group meets every Thursday, or once monthly until the end of the academic year, or likewise. We try to limit the carte blanche parking permits to prevent abuse, (i.e. "park anywhere, all year long"), but we recognize that some temporary parking permits are needed on the same vehicle for more than one date.  

Keep in mind that after you receive your temporary parking permits, the actual vehicle owner/operator will still need to fill out the required fields for "Vehicle Information", or he/she may receive a citation while parked on campus. It would be helpful if he/she filled out "Vehicle Owner/Operator" and "Owner/Operator Cell Phone" as well. CPS&S will include a reminder note with your completed temporary parking permits to help the requestor remember to remind visitors to do this. Guests should then be instructed to place the permit on the front driver's side dashboard of their vehicles while their vehicles are parked on Gonzaga property.  

Once your temporary parking permit is prepared, it will be sent to you electronically. 

Questions regarding temporary parking permits may be directed to the CSPS parking information line at 509.313.4147.

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